Oh sweet, beautiful, tiny Emma,

We are so lucky to have you here! You gave us quite a scare when you decided to make your earthly debut at 29 weeks and 5 days gestation! Those first few weeks were so scary and so incredibly hard on your precious mama. Your tiny, tiny body,  just 2 pounds 13 oz, needed some more time to grow. You weren’t quite ready to take on this world by yourself. That didn’t stop you from defying the odds and handling your premature birth like a boss!  Continue reading

Her First Year

I can not describe how much I adore this girl and this session. A beautiful light pink tulle dress and an absolutely gorgeous day. It happened to be the first sunny day in a long time and it sure felt nice. I love the warmth the sun is able to give a photo even if you are standing in the shade. Mind you, we didn’t stay in the shade for very long. This very active little beauty started walking when she was 8 months old and has not stopped. Continue reading

Laken’s Cake SMASH

Okay, so it was more of a cake poke than a cake smash. Nevertheless, she had fun playing with the cake and we all had fun watching her.   I love cake smash sessions. You never know if you are going to have messy goodness or total melt down. She landed somewhere in between, she didn’t really like getting messy and wasn’t totally interested in the cake, but was pretty much all smiles. I loved that her friends were more than happy to share her gum balls. First birthdays are the best, even if they are more for the adults than the kids anyways! Enjoy! cake-smash-laken-5cake-smash-laken-1cake-smash-laken-2cake-smash-laken-3cake-smash-laken-4cake-smash-laken-6cake-smash-laken-7

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Dear Behrenbrinker Family,

I think it should be a requirement that we do this more often. I mean, you guys showed up looking FABULOUS and most importantly with great attitudes. Every session should have a spunky little girl to just lighten the mood and give everyone a good chuckle. (On a side note, can I steal her energy?!) Especially when she decides that we NEEDED a picture with you all lined up, shortest to tallest! Her smile was just fantastic and I can only imagine how much fun you guys have with her on a daily basis. OH and can I please have you, Ms. Ashley, with me on all of my photo shoots? Pretty Please?! You knew just what to say to your family to get them to look just right, and give us that beautiful natural smile. It was fantastic!

BEST part of the session? Grandma! She was there helping with the family and we decided she needed to be in a few pictures too. I loved the impromptu photo shoot grandma. You looked beautiful!!

I loved working with your family and can’t wait to do it again!



Jones Family

Dear Jones Family,

I had the best time photographing you guys!! It was especially fun to see and catch up with old friends. It always amazes me how fast kids grow and change. It seems like the last time we were talking, your kiddos were little and the 2 year old wasn’t even in the picture! Lucky for me, you guys raised amazing kids and were a blast to work with! You guys must have worked your magic before the photo shoot because the kids were all excited to be there and have their picture taken AND we lucked out with a bit of cloud coverage! You guys nailed the good vibes!   Continue reading