Her First Year

I can not describe how much I adore this girl and this session. A beautiful light pink tulle dress and an absolutely gorgeous day. It happened to be the first sunny day in a long time and it sure felt nice. I love the warmth the sun is able to give a photo even if you are standing in the shade. Mind you, we didn’t stay in the shade for very long. This very active little beauty started walking when she was 8 months old and has not stopped. I don’t think she sat still for the entire session. Scratch that, she was still for about two minutes when I sat her on the bench, for the rest of the hour or so she was on the move! I find it best to just let them be and capture who they are in the moment. It may take a little longer, but the expressions I capture or pure and adorable and there is sooooo many less tears. Win Win for everyone! Enjoy the gallery of her first birthday celebration!


P.S. I may have a slight obsession with tulle dresses. I think they are stunning and feminine. One day I will own one! For now I’ll just crush on hers.


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