Oh Sara!

This has been a long hard road for you and Jimmy to venture down, but God is good and miracles do happen. 

I’ve know Jimmy and Sara for long time. My hubby, Jared,  has know Jimmy since his high school days. They are the kind of friends that you don’t have to see very often but when you finally get together you can just pick up where you left off. This wonderful couple has been trying to have a baby of their own for a while. After, I’m sure, many heartaches, disappointments, and countless dollars they decide for one last hope. They participated in a Footsteps to Fertility 5k with the glimmer of hope that they might be the lucky family that won a grant that covered the cost of their fertility treatment. Pleas went out to family and friends to help support their cause. At last the day of the event arrived and Jared and I didn’t even hesitate to run up to Utah to participate in the event. We all had such high hopes that something would come of the event. Smiles and butterflies were rampant during the run. Finally it was time for them to draw the name of the family who’s life was going to change forever. Everyone there silently praying and pleading with God that their loved one would hear their name called. You could have heard a pin drop as everyone held a collective breath as the name was read…It wasn’t her name.

It is such a hard thing, wishing with all your might that Sara’s name would be drawn, wanting so badly for them to have a baby of their own. Yet, at the same time you can’t really be sad because someone else was praying and wishing just as hard for their name to be drawn, so you are gracious and excited for that family but still can’t wrap your brain around your own emotions and heartache. Not to worry, the story doesn’t end there. A second prize was being given out and this time Sara’s name was drawn!! They now had a $5000 grant toward their fertility treatment! It looked like a miracle could be possible for them after all. Fast forward to the present and Sara is due in June with TWINS! A sweet baby girl and boy. I can’t wait to meet them.

We were able to do their maternity session at one of the most beautiful locations in Saint George, Utah. Snow Canyon State Park is incredible and was a perfect backdrop for these two. Sara looks phenomenal! I mean she doesn’t even look like she is having one baby let alone two! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy Sara, those sweet babies will be here before you know it.

Love, Jennifer sara 1sara 2sara 3sara 4sara 5sara 6sara 7sara 8


2 thoughts on “Sara

  1. Shelley says:

    Jen, these are so precious! amazi g shots of my amazing daughter and son in law w their conibg twins, Henry and Emily! Thank you!


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