When should I get my Newborn photos taken?

Okay ya’ll I don’t know what it is but I have newborn photography on the brain! The newborn photography class I just finished up must have really sunk in. I keep thinking about all the things I should have included in the last post but didn’t. Overall many of the topics I left out weren’t that critical and if I got bored one day could maybe include them in another post, however, I decided there was just one more thing I needed to cover, and it’s kind of important. WHEN you should get your newborn photos taken.  Continue reading

Simple Steps for a Great Newborn Session

A few years ago I did my very first newborn session. Man was it scary! You are literally dealing with the smallest human beings on the planet who are NOT used to being out of the womb let alone willing to go along with a photo shoot. There is so much that goes on during a newborn shoot behind the scenes that I didn’t know about before I started photographing them.  I figured it would be helpful for clients to know what to expect when it comes time to have your little one photographed or if you are a photographer help set you up for success!  Continue reading