Laken’s Cake SMASH

Okay, so it was more of a cake poke than a cake smash. Nevertheless, she had fun playing with the cake and we all had fun watching her.   I love cake smash sessions. You never know if you are going to have messy goodness or total melt down. She landed somewhere in between, she didn’t really like getting messy and wasn’t totally interested in the cake, but was pretty much all smiles. I loved that her friends were more than happy to share her gum balls. First birthdays are the best, even if they are more for the adults than the kids anyways! Enjoy! cake-smash-laken-5cake-smash-laken-1cake-smash-laken-2cake-smash-laken-3cake-smash-laken-4cake-smash-laken-6cake-smash-laken-7

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